Building a resilient, engaged and united screener workforce using the Resilient organizations 13 indicator model. A proven recipe for success!

Ms Angela Deken1, Ms Nicola Ellis

 1Canterbury District Health Board, Christchurch, New Zealand


Resilient Organizations is a public good research social enterprise programme from Christchurch New Zealand, which is now an international movement of which Sydney and Melbourne are part of.  A researched based 13 indicator model can be used on any business small or large, public or private (including health services) to ensure that they thrive not only in large disasters but also during small service interruptions.  The purpose of this presentation is to show that using this practical hands on model to examine certain aspects of Newborn Hearing Screening Programmes including at screener level, may be used.  We will explore how having partnerships with a purpose across the screening, diagnostic and intervention pathways can lead to a resilient screener workforce by proactive fostering during the orientation and first year of practice for newborn hearing screeners.  This can lead to screeners having individual resilience and unity of purpose which leads to better staff retention and resilient teams which ensures better outcomes for the management of newborn hearing screening programmes.


Angela Deken: (Midwife) I have been the coordinator of the CDHB UNHSEIP since its set up in 2009. I have also worked as a coordinator advisor to the Ministry of Health supporting other DHB programmes around New Zealand.  It is a real privilege to work alongside families, screeners and other health professionals in this life changing screening programme.

Nicola Ellis: (Nurse) team leader of the NICU UNHSEIP and a NICU research nurse.  Myself and 2 other nurses are responsible for screening the babies who have been in our tertiary level NICU they are a special group of babies.