Audit of 10 years (313 successive infants) with congenital SNHL at an Australian tertiary children’s hospital, looking at the causation of the hearing loss.

Dr Laurence (larry) Roddick1

1John Hunter Children’s Hospital, The Junction, Australia,

2University of Newcastle, Newcastle, Australia


The presentation will outline the causes of SNHL as seen in an Australian paediatric tertiary referral hospital.

A cause was found in over 60% of the infants.

The different causes of the hearing loss and their percentage of the total number will be presented.

Conclusion – Total investigation of these infants is likely to yield a reasonable chance of finding the causation.  Howeve this figure will continue to get higher as genetic testing becomes even more available.


Larry Roddick set up, and then convened, the infant hearing clinic at the children’s hospital in Newcastle NSW.  Any infant who did not pass the SWIS-H screens and then formal audiology was referred to the clinic.  The clinic covers all of northern NSW.

Larry is a senior staff paediatrician at the children’s hospital with 36 years experience as a paediatrician in the teaching hospitals in Newcastle.