Refer to the tips and ideas slide if you need a visual example of an ePoster


Use this template to prepare your ePoster slide


Upload your ePoster slide by COB Friday 8 March


Interactive electronic posters (ePosters) provide an opportunity for authors to present information that may not be possible to convey with a traditional printed poster. ePosters enhance visualization to attract interest of attendees through the use of videos and other embedded media.

Electronic posters will be prepared in PowerPoint (1 slide 16:9) and displayed during the conference on large flat screen monitors in the trade display areas.

ePoster slides will rotate automatically and each will be shown for approximately one minute duration at a time. Delegates will be able to navigate to specific posters from a main menu and pause individual posters to view them in more detail and access embedded content.

A static screen will also be available where users can navigate through ePosters at their leisure.

A PDF version of ePosters will be included on the conference website.

Preparing your ePoster Presentation

Electronic Poster Template

  • All posters will have the control bar. There is no specific criteria for the layout within the white space – use it as you wish.

Formatting guidelines and suggestions

  • Make your poster clear and clean, avoid unnecessary clutter and “special effects” that do not add value.
  • Keep the background simple and subtle; use a light coloured background for the main slide body.
  • Do not use WordArt, reflections, drop shadows, 3D, semi-transparent fills or textured backgrounds; they are unpredictable and are not necessary.
  • For consistency amongst the ePosters, we suggest presenters only use Verdana font for your text. Verdana is universal and will transfer correctly when combine your ePoster into the scrolling presentation.
  • We suggest you include contact details for delegates who want to discuss your poster further.
  • The screen aspect ratio will be 16:9 and the template slide is already set up as a 16:9 slide.
  • Your ePoster should be a single PowerPoint slide.
  • Refer to the tips and ideas slide if you need a visual example of an ePoster.


  • All video and audio files must be embedded in your slide. As you will only be sending a single PowerPoint slide file, do not have links to any external media files.
  • All videos, audio and animations should be set to auto play. We suggest you only embed one video or audio file and use animation sparingly.
  • Authors are asked to limit the duration of media files to 2 minutes or less.

Specifications of the equipment provided for Electronic Posters

  • Laptop: OS: Windows and Office 2016
  • Digital Display Monitor: 40″ LCD TV (or similar)
  • Orientation: Landscape
  • PowerPoint Version: Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows 365
  • Internet: A wireless internet connection will be provided to all screens.
  • Main screens will rotate through all ePosters automatically. A static screen will also be available where users can navigate through ePosters at their leisure.


The Australasian Newborn Hearing Screening Committee aims to foster the establishment, maintenance and evaluation of high quality screening programs for the early detection of permanent childhood hearing impairment throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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